Andrina Peretti, Buck Animal Hospital’s Manager has been working at Buck’s since 1992. While working she completed her Honours Biological Science Degree at University of Guelph graduating in 1995, as well as receiving her diploma at St Lawrence College in 2001 for Veterinary Hospital Manager.

Andrina has been working in a vet clinic since she was old enough to work. She has had a number of different jobs but always enjoyed working with animals and has always kept a job in a vet clinic.

Andrina rescued two kittens, JC, a black short-haired cat with gorgeous green eyes and Ashawa, a grey short-haired cat who will tolerate anything. In the spring of 2018 Andrina welcomed home a Great Dane puppy named Xio. He is a spry, bouncy boy and can often be found peeking through Andrina’s office window, keeping an eye on his mom as she works at reception.

Andrina has always loved animals and has had many cats, dogs, birds, fish, and rodent pets over the years. Animals give you unconditional love and respect. It is always wonderful to come home and to be greeted with great enthusiasm.

Andrina enjoys time at the cottage, bike rides and long walks. She lives with her partner Mark, and beautiful daughter Tesla and adorable boy Wason.  In 2008, Andrina’s eldest daughter Cyra passed away.  She had a brain hemorrhage, strokes and a 5 year battle.  She is missed terribly but remembered daily.


Alicia Wind has been working in animal care since 1997 when she started as a kennel personnel at Buck Animal Hospital. At the time she aspired to be a veterinarian and wanted some experience working in a clinic setting. She loved working there so much that she stayed on through university and started working as a receptionist in 2001.

Alicia currently serves three unique cats who were each rescued from various situations. Cricket, a black-and-white short-haired Poly-dactyl (she has extra toes on all her paws), is extremely affectionate and requires a special diet due to allergies and lack of teeth. She came from the Guelph Humane Society.  Ella Louise is a feisty black short-haired cat who loves playing fetch.

Animals have always had a special place in Alicia’s heart and she loves being able to interact with and provide care for them. Animals give us so much and she feels privileged to be able to give something back to them. Although Alicia initially wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian, she has changed career paths twice since then and completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering at the University of Guelph. She currently works as a Resource Conservation Specialist for Enviro-Stewards Inc. where she helps industrial, commercial, and institutional clients reduce their impact on the environment while becoming more profitable


Samantha Dixon first joined Buck Animal hospital in 2007 working as animal care personnel and a kennel staff. Since then, she has moved to become a receptionist and has been a huge asset in the summer assisting the technicians. Sam has been volunteering and working in vet clinics and hospitals since the age of 10.

Her pride and joy is her English Bulldog, Brutis. He is always trouble, and has a face that “only a mother could love!” Brutis enjoys eating things that he shouldn’t and spending time outdoors. Along side Brutis, is Molli a rescue, and Charlie a Shetland Sheepdog.  Sam and her family recently adopted a cat named Portia.

Outside of her working at Bucks Sam is currently working full-time at a horse stable. She loves spending time outside and taking care of the horses as well as riding her horse Heidi whenever time will allow her. Sam graduated from the University of Guelph with her BSc in Animal Biology. Sam is currently working on her MSc at the University of Guelph studying Animal Genetics

Linda Burt has been a receptionist at Buck Animal Hospital since 2006. Linda has always been an animal lover, ever since she was a little girl. You can sometimes catch Linda working alongside her daughter Melanie, another receptionist at Buck Animal Hospital.

At home, Linda has a house full of fury friends. Linda has a big heart for German Shepherds. She has two of her own, Gato and Bronson. Along with the pups, Linda has two cats, Petey and Louis aka Louie. Linda’s four grown children have an inside joke that their mother replaced the four of them with four pets, so she could always be taking care of something.

Linda thinks there’s just something about the connection between humans and animals that she loves. They really do become family members. A house is not a home without them!

Outside of work, Linda can be found managing her large family and all the critters that go along with them. Linda is surrounded by pets everywhere she goes and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Melanie Burt has been working as a receptionist at Buck Animal Hospital since January 2012. Melanie works alongside her mother, Linda, another receptionist here at Buck.

At home, Melanie shares four family pets including Gato and Bronson, both German Shepard’s. Gato, a North American breed and Bronson, a German breed. Even though they are not litter mates, they are the best of friends and share a brotherhood like no other. They are literally inseparable, except when they go on their walks. Melanie also lives with two cats, Petey, a tuxedo male and Louis, an orange tabby that the family rescued.

Melanie loves many types of dogs and cats, but has a super soft spot for the larger breeds, including Mastiffs. Melanie has always loved animals, whether it be working with them or just seeing them around the neighborhood. If Melanie could help every animal in need, she would!

Outside of work, Melanie loves being surrounded by friends and family, no matter what the occasion may be. Melanie can also be found baking yummy treats for her work family in her spare time.

Grace Britton