Registered Veterinary Technicans


P1050038Katie Small has been working at Buck Animal Hospital since graduating from Seneca College in 2008. Katie first started working with animals in 2005 on a high school co-op placement and than picked up part-time work in the summer.

Katie has a handsome Siberian Husky named Whiskee. He is a blue eyed beauty and loves anything that moves. He has a soft spot for children and his furry canine friends. He is shy at the beginning but will slobber your face with kisses as soon as he decides to be your friend. Whiskee is a loyal companion.  He enjoys spending his summers chasing frogs and sunbathing and winters tunneling through the snow, he is a four season dog!

Katie has dreamed of working with animals as far back as she can remember and brings her love and passion for animals to work everyday!  Katie and her husband are blessed with two beautiful little girls. 

In her spare time she is spending time on health and wellness, enjoying time outdoors, catching up with friends and family and spending as much time as possible at the family cottage.


Emily Stiver has joined our team in 2016. Emily graduated from Seneca College in 2012 but had begun her passion as a weekend worker on a horse farm at a young age. Emily worked as a technician for a year before deciding to go back to school where graduated with a BSc from the University of Guelph in 2017.

Emily had 13 great years with a horse named Martini. Even though he is no longer here, he will always have a special place in her heart. He taught her many skills that she has been able to utilize in her career as well as everyday life.  At home Emily enjoys spending time with her family’s Cockapoo Toma, two cats Randall and Boo and there newest addition – Kevin a little Shih Tzu that she rescued.

Through the University of Guelph, Emily was able to travel to Guatemala with a Non-Profit Organization.  She felt a great joy lending her skills she gained working here to assist in spay/ neuter clinics for dogs and cats, as well as health checks, vaccinations and deworming. This trip was one of the most amazing experiences in her life and she hopes to travel offering a helping hand again in the future