I am having a difficult time grieving my loss. What support resources are there?

Grief is a natural part of loss and has predictable stages. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about grieving for the loss of an animal. Our pets are beloved family members, and their loss is keenly felt. Still, it is important to realize that death is a natural end to life and that love will always continue. Our staff is here to offer you support and if you need to talk to someone, please do not hesitate to call our office. There are also many resources available to assist you in your grieving process such as memoriams, support hotlines, and handouts to assist with personal and child pet grief, as well as acknowledging the steps to grief. We have provided a few below but please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.

If you have suffered a recent loss of your pet and require bereavement and grief counseling, please feel free to visit OVC Pet Trust 

Pet Loss Support | OVC Pet Trust (uoguelph.ca) or Gateway’s support Grief Support – Gateway Pet Memorial