Nutrition and Weight Consultations

One of our goals at Buck Animal Hospital is to have healthy active patients living life to its fullest. This means adequate nutrition with appropriate feeding amounts and exercise.

It is very important to address each stage of life with a good quality of food to meet all the nutritional requirements needed for your growing, active, maintaining or senior pet. We can help you with a nutrition plan based on you and your pets’ lifestyle and body condition.

We like to start with our youngest patients – by the time they reach 9-12 months their bodies have matured enough to start producing hormones (unless they had been spayed or neutered at a young age) and begin transitioning to adult food. Every pet is different so we offer a complementary visit with one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians to weigh, body condition score and calculate an appropriate feeding amount based on your pets needs.

Continuing to monitor weight and nutrition throughout the life of your pet is very important to helping them live the longest healthiest life possible.  If you have questions about the current diet your pet is consuming or your pets’ weight – please call and schedule a complementary nutrition consultation with one of our RVT’s