Routine Dental Cleaning and Oral Surgery

We not only offer complete dentistries with extractions (if your pet needs teeth removed), but we also offer routine dental cleanings – just like we get when we go to the dentist! Routine dental cleaning and polishing typically take about 30 minutes to perform – leaving your pets smile bright and beautiful! If we have any concerns about any teeth during this routine cleaning – we ALWAYS will call you – the pet owner – and go over our findings before proceeding with any additional services.

We are fully equipped to take dental radiographs if we have any questionable or broken teeth. We provide nerve blocks (freezing) to offer the upmost comfort for our patients. We do complete oral examinations while under general anesthetic were we can properly probe the teeth, checking for periodontal pockets, exposed roots, fractures or bone decay.

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians monitor your pet throughout the entire procedure, and will call you with a report once the procedure is complete and your pet is waking up from the anesthetic. One of our RVT’s will meet with you at the pick up and discuss, dental records, post-op care for that evening as well as moving forward with taking care of your pets fresh clean mouth. If your pet had any extractions – our technicians will have a follow up appointment 3 weeks after the dental to make sure the mouth is healing adequately.